December 2, 2014

So...the game! It's early in development but I'm happy to finally start talking about it. I'm not sure what the best format is, so I'll just dive in and you can let me know if there's a better way.  :)

The Core


At its heart the game can be summed up as follows:

"The adventure of Star Wars meets the gameplay style of FTL"

What does that mean? Let me break it down:


  • Star Wars & Adventure - The main theme for the game is about going on an amazing adventure. Star Wars captured that by creating an imaginative universe filled with interesting characters, ships, and worlds. I'd like to do the same!


  • FTL & Gameplay Style - For those who didn't play it, FTL was an indie game that released a few years ago. Built using simple mechanics, and a 2D "top down" perspective, the game provided a fun experience. Even with a minimalistic style it managed to capture the feeling of space exploration. This approach also allowed the game to be created by a small team. I would like to follow a...

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